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About Us

We are a creative brand agency that loves working with ambitious brands. Whether for startups, companies finding their feet or for challenger brands that want to make waves, we form effective partnerships that build Brand Futures.

Our creative approach is based on a belief in the power of simple ideas. Ideas that make competitive advantage compelling and clear. We craft and sharpen those ideas into distinctive brand identity and packaging design, whilst ensuring that they are flexible enough to work across multi-layered brand communications. We help brands stay distinctive at different points of customer interaction and at different stages of their journey.

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Our Approach

At Studio More we’re obsessed with ideas that build great Brand Futures. As part of our client’s team we immerse ourselves deeply into the brands we work with to uncover key brand insights that lead to great ideas.

We believe that simple ideas are best because these are the ones that really connect with consumers in memorable and meaningful ways. Once a simple idea is defined we focus on crafting the Brand Future to create a simple yet powerful creative solution for every consumer touchpoint.

We are inspired realists with a tireless enthusiasm. We work in partnership with clients who appreciate the value that great ideas, well executed, can bring to their brands, both now and in the future.

Simple idea + Expert Craft = Brand Future

The small, yet mighty team.

Founded in 2015, Studio More is led by Nikita Yan and Dan Wilson. We pride ourselves on being small, yet bloody mighty and are very proud to be that way. We build a team of experts around each client needs – we are small and nimble and thus able to integrate seamlessly into our client’s teams. We are your creative partner, we are not an add-on and strive to be part of your team wherever you are. We call ourselves tireless enthusiasts with an inspired realism.

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Dan Wilson - Creative Partner

Before founding Studio More, Dan worked with high profile clients including Unilever, Twinings, Britvic and Ella's Kitchen in design roles at Brand Opus and Blue Marlin.

His background and core expertise is brand identity and packaging design, but today he leads a team that works in close partnership with clients at every point of customer interaction.

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Nikita Yan - Managing Partner

Nikita is the driving force behind Studio More’s vision to develop strong, ongoing client relationships where the agency acts as a creative partner and ally at every point of the brand journey.

Nikita’s versatility encompasses the handling of day to day client relationships, strong organisational skills, financial management and brand development strategy.