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Brand Futures 2019: Top 3 trends to watch out now.

In 2018, we have witnessed some significant changes in our world: environmentally, politically and culturally. Although our craving for fundamental needs, such as food, drink, warmth, sleep; as well as stability remains the same; we cannot ignore the new emerging trends bought from these changes and how they have unlocked new ways to serve these our fundamental needs. Along with these new trends, new expectations and behaviours were born.

At Studio More we believe in building lasting Brand Futures, creating brands that serve these core fundamental needs at their heart through everything that they say, to everything they do.

Through our work with emerging brands, we have identified 3 core trends to be aware of in 2019, and we’re keen to share these with you.

01: Be authentic

In a world of growing complexity with declining faith in government and uncertainty about the future – truthfulness and authenticity are more important than ever.

Brands that stand for specific values will be favoured by consumers. Patagonia is an excellent example of a brand that is taking their beliefs as far as interfering with politics even suing the US government. With their actions, they ensure their brand is recognised and loved for their passionate approach.

Beauty brand Optiat just rebranded to UpCircle, make their ownable point of differences: upcycling leftover ingredients to create natural based beauty products, into their core belief. With a fresh new name, story and design focusing on this core belief, UpCircle’s positive impact in the world standing beyond just the brand, allowing them to fulfil its growth potential.

02: Rewind and look again

The health sector is booming with new alternatives, with endless choice in the health, beauty and fitness sector. The drive for constant improvement and a focus on ever healthier lifestyle has become the norm. With new trends emerging each year, this has become a competitive category. Make it even harder for brands to stand out and survive.

In 2019, more people are focused on personalised choices to increase one’s health and well-being; as well as has the convenience and healthy options on the go. Gone with the days where on the go food were full of fatty and sugary choices – in 2019 as a way forward, we will see more protein packed and/or plant-based lunches and snacks.

Brands that follow this will win by offering healthier alternatives or reinventing their existing formulations. Overall the demand for healthier food and beverage options will grow further. Plant-based products claim to have increased 62% globally which shows the potential of healthy alternatives.

The world biggest consumer giant Nestle is focussed on this trend – trialling a new range of supplements and vitamins tailored to their consumers via swab tests. Watch this space.

03: Sustainability

Sustainability has become a hot topic once again, driven by the plastic discussion and the questions of the best circular approach. 60 % of under 35-year-old claim the environment will be of increasing importance to them in the next five to 10 years. More and more consumers have become aware of the environmental impact packaging plays and are expecting solutions not just from the government but also from the brands themselves.

Consumers also increasingly seek to spend on brands that are active on social responsibility. A Neilsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report poll found that 73% of Millennials expressed a willingness to pay more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand.

Brands need to start to be actively involved considering their impact on the environment. Providing solutions to sustainability, such as environmentally friendly packaging such from ocean plastics or bioplastics; providing products made out upcycled or Fairtrade ingredients; along with guiding the consumers on recyclable options will become an essential aspect of any brand. Consumers will expect brand’s active efforts and will start to actively look for these in their purchase decisions.

We helped UpCircle ditched the previous plastic packaging and moved to current full recyclable packaging, especially their new clever pamper kit. By design and develop a carton box using only recycled cardboard to avoid glue or any further materials, we helped the brand taking their sustainable ethos one step further.

Thinking about smart ways to include sustainable solutions and Fairtrade aspects in your brand can start small – every step count and thinking about alternate solutions and product formulations will make a difference to the consumers and the environment in the long run.