A great brand is made up of many strategic threads which all have to work together, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

A great brand goes beyond just visuals – your brandmark, your packaging, your advertising. It starts with the idea, and it continues through various elements to form a complete ownable brand experience.

We want to take a closer look at some of the key elements and how you can use them to build your Brand Future. 

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Why does your business exist?

Your entire brand experience should be rooted in one core brand idea. It is the core reason why your business exists. It should guide and control all communications and wider business decisions. This is easier said than done, but ask yourself, “How does this idea relate to my consumer, how would it help me guide future extensions, and will the idea stand the test of time?”

Once a core idea which is rooted in the wider Purpose of the organisation has been developed this will act as guidance for all current behaviour of the brand and future decisions.

A good name always helps.

A good name will help create a more recognisable brand – it will aid stand out and be easier remembered. Simplicity is key as the name is the introduction of the brand to its audience. 

It has to focus on the brand’s ethos, the product, the methods and the people, it needs to have a strong association with your brand. Also, try to make it easy enough to say and to spell. It is usually the simple and straightforward ones that people tend to remember.

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Focus on brand experience.

Human’s consumer’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish nowadays and consumers are bombarded with over 5,00 brand messages daily and the average supermarket carries 50,000 SKUs – how will you be remembered and stand out? Creating an ownable brand experience and design is key. A holistic brand experience will create stand out and be more memorable.

It is key to take a step back and think about what is the bold thing that your brand stands for and bringing this to life through every touchpoint in the experience. Remember It is not what YOU want to SHOW, but what the consumers WANT to SEE.

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Use marketing wisely.

If branding is a strategic move to define who you are, then marketing is a tactic tool to push you to reach out to the audiences. Once your brand has been created, the key is to market it accordingly – a clear communications and content strategy is key.

This needs to be rooted in your brand idea, become the leader for providing that one thing well and allowing it to attract your target audiences.


By Nikita -