Five most asked branding questions answered!

As a creative brand agency, we often get a lot questions from business on branding. Here we have collected some most asked questions and wish to share with everyone that is hoping to build their Brand Futures.

Question 01:

When is the right time to think about branding and is there ever a 'wrong' time?

Is the business becoming stale and needs a new lease of life? Is the business in a stage of rapid growth and needs to communicate to a new market? Does the business need to adapt to a new range or product release? Simply put, there is NEVER a wrong time to be thinking about building a strong Brand Future, brands are built over time and should be ever evolving and adapting.

Question 02:

How can branding impact your business?

A brand for a business is like food for a person; it does three main things:

01. Keeps the business alive – in the beginning of any journey having a clear plan and strategy helps focus and speeds up progression. It’s critical to create a brand the consumer can understand and relate to, as this will build appreciation and loyalty to your product.

02. Nurturing the business for growth – it is not enough to just survive; a business must be built on substance (value) and a purpose (mission). The brand can then work to bring the business’ values and mission to the forefront.

03. Stimulating the business for expansion – once the business reaches steady growth, it needs constant stimulation to create interest. A great brand should have many different layers and should have a strong core message which can be communicated in various ways

Question 03:

What is the first step to build a new brand? where do I start?

Starting with the fundamental questions of Why? (are we doing this), What? (we aim to achieve, apart from finical objectives!), When? (we plan to do this), Who? (are our target audience) and How? (we get them to notice us). Answering these questions will help the business create a strong brand strategy. The brand strategy is like the foundation of a house; it is the core of the brand and will guide everything going forward: the design, the visual language, the brand tone of voice, marketing etc. Please do not commit to any design work without a brand strategy first.

Question 04:

If I got a brand already, why do I need to think about re-brand?

In a world that is constantly transforming and evolving, staying still isn’t an option. You have to grow and adapt and a strong new direction for a brand can be the catalyst for massive change. Change is good, change is learning, learning is growing. BE BRAVE!

Question 05:

What are the benefits of great design work?What are the benefits of great design work?

Nothing apart from bringing the business to life, increasing the business’ opportunities, gaining more attention and sales. Good creative work might not save your life, but it could just save your business.


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