Optiat becomes UpCircle

How it started.

In August 2018, the founders, siblings William and Anna Brightman, appeared on the BBC programme Dragons’ Den, where two dragons, offered them funding of £50,000 for 15% of the business.

Having already started the rebranding journey with UpCircle (Optiat back then) in Jan 2018, prior to their Dragon’s Den appearance. We and the team had already created a new strategy for the brand while filming was happening. This gave the perfect platform and category insight for building a new tone of voice and the new name.

This is when the rebrand kicked into another gear.


It all starts with the name.

We collaborated with the talented team at Reed Words, who understood the new brand strategy and subject matter instantly!

To find the new name, the Reed Words team drew on its extensive experience while working closely with UpCircles’s founders. They carefully considered the brand’s focus on sustainability and promoting a circular economy before settling on the new name.

Orlaith Wood says: “The word UpCircle captured the idea of positively re-using old things, with the ‘up’ element suggesting an elevated, uplifting purpose.”

Serum Line Up_016.jpg

Building the brand.

Based on the new positioning and new brand name, the core design idea focused on integrating the idea of “All round better skincare” and circular economy into the visual identity, creating a unified and consistent brand message.

The result is a consistent look and feel that unifies the company’s products, and a well-defined in-depth brand story and values that improve the brand’s focus. The clear and simple design ethos for UpCircle ensures that the brand sits comfortably among the new generation of beauty brands that are aesthetically tuned to stand out.

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Nailing the tone.

William at UpCircle says: “It’s incredibly hard to stand out in a sector as crowded as skincare. You must have a compelling and consistent brand and it’s vital to really nail the tone – visually and verbally. That requires brilliant creativity and close collaboration between the teams responsible for copy and visual design.

“Studio More and Reed Words helped us to find exactly the right look, feel and tone for our brand, giving us a solid platform on which to build future success. More than this, they made it look easy.”

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