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How cross-cultural design will help to strengthen your Brand Future.

On our recent trip to China, we were both inspired and fascinated how some brands are more distinctive in Asia than others and how this creates stand out. They are focussed to suit the local culture and meet consumer’s expectations while still being able to stand out and communicate to a wider audience abroad. Furthermore, it got us thinking: Can you future proof your brand design for global growth?

The answer is, yes, you can and yes, you should. The solution is to focus on cross-cultural design solutions.

Cross-cultural design by definition means precisely what it indicates, and it has been one of the main reasons for the success of some global brands. Creating a brand experience firmly rooted in a design solution that will appeal to local and international markets should be the focus for any ambitious new brand start-up. We are now in a time where everything is more connected, travel is cheap, the internet is global and shifting products from one market to the other can be relatively quick and easy.

We noticed two brands that stood out for us – they managed to create a global appeal using very different approaches.

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Nelson Ching - Bloomberg

The Mix + Match Approach

The first one is Tsington Beer (pronounced “ching dow”), an authentic Chinese brewed beer brand. It is a brilliant example of East meets West – a mix and match of the cultures as appropriate. The consistent use of the English and Chinese brand mark as well as  the holistic front of pack layout, allow instant recognition; while the design focuses on a  traditional Chinese typeface in a contemporary and modern manner. It is very clear that the focus of the brand is to communicate its Chinese heritage while at the same time being understood and appeal to a more international and global market. The clear solution is a distinct design of mixing the cultures while staying true to its story and heritage.

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Dr Jarts -

The Global Approach

The other approach is focussed on creating a simple and clean global design and brand approach. South Korean based skincare brand Dr Jart+ has created a global approach, which also taken the international market by storm, after developing an exceptional reputation in the Asian market.

Dr Jart+ is a South Korean skincare brand that delivers dermatological focused results. From its initial launch in 2004, through time, Dr Jart+ has evolved to its current global skincare status.  Dr Jar+ brandmark sits firmly on every pack reflecting the brand’s strong identity. While a consistent on pack hierarchy clearly communicates the different ranges and variants. The informative yet straightforward front of pack message allows easy navigation for the consumer. The brand’s decision to use English consistently through both Asian and International markets creates a stronger brand standout and a global brand appearance.


By Nikita -