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Establishing 25 years of quality, expert craft and knowledge.
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Aspect Flooring was a firmly established brand in the builders trade, a trusted flooring company of choice for the industry for over 20 years. The ambition was to move the brand on and also appeal to a wider target audience to be the brand of choice for designers, architects and interior specialists.

The challenge was to create a new refreshed brand presentation that would keep the existing customer and also appeal to this new target group.

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A in-depth brand immersion focussed on the heritage of the brand showed that the company had grown based on trust and word of mouth.

The core idea which formed the basis of the new brand was to centre around heritage – to focus on communicating the world of knowledge and professionalism that the company offered. The logo was developed to work as a stamp of quality and approval to reflect the years of experience and professionalism of Aspect Flooring.

The professional look and feel of the brand was used to elevate the existing experience to the next level while still being pragmatic and fact based for the trade and at the same time having the possibility to also speak with a more creative focussed audience in interior design.

Following the updated logo we extended the refreshed brand experience to a new website which included factual information married with more premium look and feel.

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The newly created brand image and experience has had fantastic initial feedback – existing trade are loyal to the new brand while new conversations have taken the company to a wider market.


For further information, please contact:
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Managing Partner
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