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Cool Cold Brew: Creating a supermarket ready brand from scratch.

Cool Cold Brew (CCB) is a Manchester based manufacturer of cold brew coffee. In many respects, it is a niche product - Rain Forest Alliance coffee, brewed by hand for over 16 hours in freshly filtered water and distributed primarily to smaller, local outlets.

However, the company had much bigger ambitions and their aim was to pitch the brand to supermarkets, taking a niche offering to a wider mainstream audience.

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Based on an in-depth immersion into the wider coffee market we developed a list of key differentiators for CCB that would be the base for their core idea. The market is crowded with mainstream brands claiming their coffee connoisseur status. What differentiated CCB from the competition is their cold brewing process which is used to release the natural flavours of the product. 

Our focus was to distance Cool Cold Brew from mainstream brands and to create an ownable design that could extend beyond coffee. We simplified the on pack communication by stripping away a previously cluttered design and creating a more single minded and iconic on-shelf presence.

We created an ownable brand experience through every touchpoint including their digital experience as well as wider communication material all focussed on owning the cold brewing process.

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The brand has successfully established a firm foothold in its market and is set to make further inroads. CCB is on the way to create a new cold brew coffee market and has won a pre-listing in Sainsbury’s. They are in talks with other major supermarket brands for further trials.

Given the powerful icon we have created and the way in which the brand has become the hero not just the product variant, Cool Cold Brew can potentially extend beyond coffee and own more than one product. In future, the brand can unleash flavour in any drink.


For further information, please contact:
Nikita Yan
Managing Partner
+44 (0)203 143 4348