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Optiat: A new beauty brand with a Purpose.

William and Anna Brightman had created an eco-friendly beauty product named Optiat transforming repurposed ingredients into natural skincare products.

They started with one face scrub with the ambition to quickly extend the range always focussed on using left over and natural ingredients.

They had a name and a set of company values but needed a clear brand strategy and experience to take the brand to the next level.

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The aim was to create a clear brand story that would set Optiat apart from the competition. Based on in-depth research and interviews we developed the idea of becoming the ‘Nature friendly Beauty Company’. We also extended and developed their brand values to reflect their core idea. The aim was to create a brand experience that could be extended beyond coffee scrubs.

We crafted a design for Optiat that is centred around less is more, focused on a simple and clean look to emphasise the organic and natural ingredients of the brand. The range is differentiated by clear variant icons and colour codes to create a differentiated and fresh brand style. We also pushed them to put the launch product their coffee scrubs into tube packaging differentiating from their immediate competition.

We have now extended the range of products from scrubs to face masks as well as soap bars. Keeping clear on pack communication in the Optiat style.

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"Working with Studio More has helped accelerate our growth and transformed the trajectory of the business. We have witnessed first hand the power of branding and its importance in the development of the Optiat brand."

William Brightman - Optiat, Co-founder

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Since Launch, Optiat has not only secured a Virgin Sart Up Loan, £150k in crowd funding but is now also listed in Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Fenwicks Bond Street, Topshop, As Nature Intended, and distributed in 7 countries across Europe.

Our relationship with Optiat is has also developed rapidly, becoming their brand guardian to look after the whole brand experience.


For further information, please contact:
Nikita Yan
Managing Partner
+44 (0)203 143 4348