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TEA+: The specialist Vitamin Tea brand.
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After a successful appearance on Dragons Den, gaining investment from Taj Lalvani, t+ (as it was named then) had the backing of Vitabiotics. Founder, James Dawson approached us with the challenge of defining their position in the current market.

Being a tea-based product that is focused on health and wellbeing, t+ was torn between the two sectors, and was not communicating one clearly defined brand message. We needed to find the focus.

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Our rebrand started with the name; t+ had to change, Google struggled with the searches! Re-naming to TEA+ created a wider platform, while giving consumers an instant idea what the product is.

We created a powerful brandmark infusing the TEA and +, providing standout, and ownability. On pack the brandmark sits proudly in the centre, closely followed by product descriptors, allowing customers to navigate quickly and easily.

The full range followed, resulting in bold and colourful packaging, allowing range extensions to be introduced while the brand grows.

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By firmly establishing TEA+ as The Vitamin Infused tea specialist, we have given them a clear positioning and point of difference in a busy marketplace.

The rebrand has helped them gain nationwide stock listings in Boots, Whole Foods, Holland & Barret and Ocado. We can’t wait to see what happens next!


For further information, please contact:
Nikita Yan
Managing Partner
+44 (0)203 143 4348