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Creating a boost of all natural energy.

Virtue initially started as a healthy ice tea however upon realising that there were no genuinely healthy energy drinks on the market, the idea for Virtue Energy Water was created. The brand mission is to provide positive energy to as many people as possible, Virtue believes everyone looking for energy deserves better options. Their drinks naturally contain zero sugar, zero calories and no sweeteners, being a first of their kind in the UK market.

With positive energy being their mission statement, Virtue needed a clean and refreshing brand design to communicate this, as well to disunite from other energy drinks, which possess far more loud and aggressive designs.  

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With the UK energy drinks market being primarily dominated by sugar-packed and artificially enhanced products; Virtue saw a huge incremental opportunity to provide consumers with a clean and natural pick me up. Leading them to create a genuinely healthy alternative to existing brands such as Red Bull and Monster. In order to portray this, the Virtue design had to deviate from these existing brands, the core idea was to rebrand Virtue was based on Natural Energy.

The logo was updated and softened slightly while the main pack design incorporated more white and a clean space to communicate the healthy attributes and natural ingredients of the brand. Pure white was chosen as the brand theme to create strong stand out and to differentiate from the competition. The waves are used as a device to carry the variant differentiator and to communicate the different flavours. Waves were intentionally used to strengthen the naturalness of the ingredients as this is the only energy drink that has no artificial flavours nor sugar in it.

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Virtue has established itself as the leader in the natural energy drinks market offering a tasty alternative to its competition. The brand is now a multi-award-winning concept which has been well received, proving to be one of the fastest growing UK startups.



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