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Creating a new ownable travel brand.

Wayfairer was set up to provide tailored luxury travel experiences that would help create advantages to local communities and preservation of local environments.

The core idea for Wayfairer was developed when founder Tom went hiking and uncovered that the local guides and community were not benefiting enough from the tourism. Wayfairer was set up to change this.

The aim was to create a brand that was firmly luxurious with a conscious mindset and that would give back.

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An in-depth competitive audit of the luxury holiday market revealed that most brands did not have a deep story to tell and the look and feel was merely professional and corporate. Based on these core insights the idea was to differentiate Wayfairer by using its core story – a luxury holiday company that gives back to the local community as second nature. Luxury travel with a positive impact was the guiding idea for the brand creation.

The logo incorporates the shape of a mountain to reflect its core story and roots. The colour scheme was chosen to reflect the brand’s focus on giving back, sustainability and ultimately creating a responsible tourism experience. We helped create the core brand positioning, its logo and wider experience including its digital presence and website.

As the brand has been firmly established in the responsible and fair travel market we have helped to strengthen its position further over the years. Enhancing and strengthening its positioning as one of the most exclusive and luxurious brands in the market.

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Wayfairer has established a firm foothold in the conscious luxury travel market, sales grew by 400% in the first year after launch and website views increased steadily.


For further information, please contact:
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Managing Partner
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